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All members shall adhere to article II sections II.3, II.4 and Article V6 section 6.1 of the Temple
Constitution & By-laws

Article II:

Section 2.3 - A member remains in good standing by adhering to the rules of the as stated in this Constitution.

Section 2.4 - A member may be asked to leave the on the basis that they cause disruption and/or defamation to the Temple, or to the Correllian Tradition and/or as stated in this Constitution

Section 2.6 Membership Fees
There will be a small membership fee, (due to the United Kingdoms tax laws and the constitutions of religious entities). All members shall be eligible for membership of the Temple upon payment of the membership fees. The Temple Membership Fee shall be payable, and shall be determined by the Temple Head, provided that the fee shall be no less than the minimum set by the Temple and the Correllian Tradition of Wicca. All fees are non-refundable.

Article VI: Rules of Order

Section 6.1 In situations not covered by this document, the Temple’s by-laws and/or the Correllian By-Laws may be invoked.  Any member may do this; however, it should be reserved for extreme cases.

The Temple Constitution & By-laws is available on request.

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