Green Living

Reduce the number of journeys you make by car – investigate whether some journeys can be made by bus, by sharing a lift, or by walking or cycling (the last two will also improve your fitness).

If you live a long distance from a shop you wish to visit, see if you can order online or via mail order. The delivery cost may actually be less than the round-trip in your car. Reuse or recycle any packaging you receive with your goods. (It's more environmentally friendly to have one lorry on the road than several cars.)

Recycle kitchen and garden waste by starting a compost bin and/or wormery. You may never need to buy fertiliser again.

Make use of your local councils' doorstep recycling scheme.

Instead of going abroad for your holidays, why not explore your own country? Air travel is one of the most polluting forms of transport.

Switch your electricity to a green tariff. In many cases, this tariff is now the same price as other sources.

When cooking food on the hob, use a lid on the pan.

Only boil the amount of water you need for your drink.

Take a shower instead of a bath.

Turn off unused lights and electrical equipment.

Reduce the amount of junk mail you receive and recycle - register with the Mail Preference Service ( - in the UK).

Fit energy saving light bulbs in those rooms you tend to leave lit for more than a few minutes at a time.

Buy goods made from recyclable materials (including packaging), and/or from sustainable sources.

Don't replace your mobile phone every twelve months, only when it either breaks, or you need extra functionality. Recycle your old phone.

Ensure your home is properly insulated, and only heat areas that need to be heated. You can sometimes obtain grants to help cover the cost of fitting additional insulation.

Use good quality, reusable shopping bags instead of cheap, single-use versions.

Replace worn out cookware with good quality cookware with a lifetime guarantee.

Switch to an ethical bank.

Allow foods to cool to room temperature before putting them in the fridge or freezer.

Buy goods produced locally wherever possible.

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